Task Management Mobile Application

A task and time management tool developed by easysoft for companies to use latest technologies to organize, monitor and manage efficiently daily tasks of each employee within and across different teams.

Remove counter productive work, meet deadlines, improve time spent and cost.
Facilitate workflow, with better communication and collaboration among teams, for efficient accomplishment of tasks in field or at the office.

One time installation and integration process feasible on any existing infrastructure and adaptable to any existing platform.

Used in different industries

IT & Telecom

Vertical organizations are adopting task management tools to improve digital customer experience.

Project Planning

Missions offers a way to plan, manage, and organize workload for a project. Know what each team members is doing, which tasks have priority to better assign and execute.

Manufacturing & Production

Apply optimal amount of resources and time spent on a task gaining smaller turnarounds in the production cycle.

Insurance & Banking

Drive collaboration, teams work better when there is a good communication a clear repartition of tasks, with a clear understanding of what needs to be done communicated through a visual management solution.


Missions allows distribution companies to eliminate time spent thinking of what to do next. Let your employees resume tasks that where not completed correctly the first time.

Powerful Features

Fully Integrated Solution
missions pro mobile app

Missions can help you upgrade to latest technologies by integrating our solution to any existing software or platform at your company and on any type of smartphone.

User Dashboard
missions pro task management calendar

With a touch of a button, our calendar provides reliable live snapshots to monitor tasks, assign missions for different team members in any location.

Reporting and Analysis
missions pro task management report

Empowering you in each business decision taken for task management. Manage time spent at customers. Quickly drill into data by generating reports.

Manager benefits
Monitor and manage teams from the office, using a PC, IOS or Android mobile phone with a general overview in an organized calendar
Assign each team member to a department
Assign each task to a mission and monitor live missions, live location of each individual
View the missions list and its status live (open, on-going, closed), and time team members spend on each task
Create clear missions for each user and share needed information about customer and its location
Implement a process, with the ability to scan barcodes at different missions locations
Create tasks for every mission and add needed fields
Add, edit or delete all existing missions, tasks or departments
Generate automated accurate reports to have better decision making
Integrate the solution to easytrack to monitor vehicles, team members and tasks

Team benefits
Clear tasks given with needed information
Users can directly check missions near location
Each mission contains relevant information, title, date-time, customer details including location
Automated live notification and alerts shared with user(s), to facilitate communication between team members in different locations
Clear list of tasks notifications to select from, or add from a list, according to location of task
Tasks can be displayed in chronological order, according to company needs
Capture and share photos at any time during mission or to confirm task completion
Users allow management to check mission status (on-going, closed) and receive live notifications or updates.

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