Dietitian Clinic Management

MyHygie solution, developed by easysoft, for Dietitian clinic and center Management, with latest technologies to organize, prioritize appointments, monitor and manage, efficiently daily their patients and their food consumption.

Our solution offers a way to manage appointments in more than one clinic, with an automatic appointment scheduler and SMS reminders sent to patients.

Manage with your device, your recipes, create one with automated nutrition facts repartition per ingredient per quantity, and share it with the kitchen and patient while monitoring and managing activities with detailed kitchen reports.

MyHygie solution provides your diet center with latest technological tools and reports that helps maximize efficiency of your clinic or diet center and its activities.

One time installation, integration process, feasible on any existing infrastructure and adaptable to any existing platform.

Powerful Features

User Dashboard
nutrition software calendar

Our calendar offers reliable live snapshots to organize appointments & monitor clients diet. Manage kitchen, delivery with automated nutritional calculations & more.

Fully Integrated Solution
nutrition software integrated

MyHygie can help you upgrade to latest technologies by integrating our solution to any existing software or platform at your company and on any type of smart mobile phone.

Reporting and Analysis
nutrition software reports

Empowering you in managing diet centers and clinics, generating reports, allow you to quickly drill into data, by client or by clinic and more.

System Benefits
Appointments organizer
CRM Patient Management
Body Weight integrator
Recipe preparator
Ingredients integration in recipes
Kitchen management
Delivery reports

Users benefits
Monitor daily appointments, patients status, create recipes, view kitchen delivery status of each clinic or center
Generate defined reports about nutrition facts, kitchen and delivery reports to better manage your client policy and maximize efficiency of teams and more
SMS reminder automatically sent to client 24 hours prior to appointment
Provides clinic, center branches live connectivity to appointments

Dietitian users benefits
Monitor and access information from any device
View general appointments in an organized calendar on any device
Can tailor settings according to needs
Can add: appointment types, client groups, complaint types, clinic services, payment types, medical files information, etc.
MyHygie also provides Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system
Assign each patient to a meal plan with related recipes
Monitor live delivery and kitchen status
View the delivery list and its status live
Create meal plans for each patient and share needed information with kitchen and delivery about customer and its location
Implement a payment plan process from the solution
Generate patient, nutrition facts, kitchen, and delivery reports

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