Delivery App Solution

Delivery app, a solution developed by easysoft, for delivery service companies food or other, to upgrade their business model to latest competitors trend and consumers demand.
Our solution, will help you modernize your Delivery company, offer to your consumers and stores, a new way of interacting with your company via technologies.

Delivery application, provides your business with latest technological tools and reports to maximize efficiency of your organization and its activities.

One time installation, integration process, feasible on any existing infrastructure and adaptable to any existing platform.

Office User Benefits
Check orders and drivers live status
Monitor all rides on a map using dashboard
View drivers availability by type of car or location and assign rides
Automatically generates information from consumers, once they create a user account
Dispatch automated orders
Send automated notifications/emails
Access stores, drivers, customers information at any time
Clear report with access to key data at any time by store, branch, customer, driver or region/area/city
  Simple creation process
  1. Create user
  2. Set all app settings
  3. Insert information and pictures
  4. Configure parameters in settings
  5. View or edit all existing customers information
  6. Set all pricing parameters
  7. Set Delivery charges, promotional coupon codes

Store Benefits
Available on your application
Quickly receive customers orders, with correct details
Simple to download from IOS or Android stores
Send order to driver who confirms reception
Prepare orders history report
  Simple creation process
  1. Sign in
  2. Create a profile
  3. Insert menu items, details, customization, price and pictures
  4. Update menu live
  5. Open branches, according to location and information
  6. Receive, process, close, cancel order
  7. View orders history and income reports
  Orders process
  1. Order page gives access to orders details
  2. Receive order, with items, details, amounts, arrival, departure time on map and name of pick-up driver
  3. Share order stage with app
  4. Track driver live while on the way, or contact driver, customer by phone

Driver Benefits
Easy to use solution regardless of the driver's age
Well visualized information to allow clear understanding
Access jobs page including info about current order and customer
View live road map for orders with best routing
Organize time and resources with clear reports
Access at any time, up-to-date information regarding daily, weekly and monthly orders and earnings
  Simple creation process
  1. Sign in
  2. Create a profile
  3. View drivers options (account, jobs list, history, reports, logout)
  4. Access driver profile page

Consumer Benefits
Stores selection menu on page gives access to schedule an order instantly or later
Enter location on map, select store, items from menu, confirm order & payment method
Receive confirmation of order
Track order live while on its way or contact driver by phone
Rate your order, driver and raise complaints in case of any
Access order history page including info about current and previous orders
Order from multiple address with correct location details
Simple to download from IOS or Android stores
  Simple creation process
  1. Sign in using Facebook, Google or Email account
  2. Create a profile
  3. Sign in using one of the three ways to log in, facebook, Google or email account

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