We create a solid engineering & architectural roadmap before beginning development.

From your project's inception to its completion, we plan together each step and we understand the specifics of the engineering & architectural work to be done for each project requirements.


  • Prepare methodology
  • Demonstrate quality of the code
  • Testing and feedback
  • Implement solution


Select your own design, colours, fonts and pictures to create a new solution or adapt any existing solution to your brand identity.


  • Analyse your requirements
  • Prepare easysoft team and technical material
  • Create a basic design
  • Feedback and finalisation

Dedicated Team

We can prepare a dedicated and confident team to assist you during each step of the installation process.


  • Selected employees are allocated to the client & project deliverables
  • Quick, specific domain and technology expertise
  • Flexible, fast team response and system alignment with a client


This phase being key for project implementation, combined testing will be conducted between our teams, to tackle and fix any technical or practical matter.


In order for your team to master the solution, professional trainings are coordinated.

  • Providing group training with experiential and practice exercise for your team users
  • Delivering role training to allow team members to control their specific function while using the solution
  • Taking your team feedback for improvements


Maintenance is a key part in your solution's life cycle after delivery, therefore we offer reliable maintenance services including:

  • Modifying and updating software application to correct faults and improve performance or design
  • Implement enhancements
  • Hardware equipement reparation, and maintenance to make sure all your equipement stays constantly operational


We understand not all problems are equal.

Based on the clear understanding of our clients business, we resolve issues to their root causes by:

  • Providing general support
  • Monitoring servers continuously
  • Allocating team for bugs fixing
  • Using latest tools to find and fix issues

Data Hosting

Every business relies on data optimization to make key business decisions.

  • All data from our solutions and clients is hosted on our dedicated servers.
  • We are able to create a solution that automates data analysis, displaying it in comprehensive dashboards and providing you with key information regarding your data
  • We use latest technologies for data mining and hosting

Data Security & Safety

Our clients trust us with their data; security and safety are at heart of our services.

Our security team are experienced enough to prevent and mitigate cyberattacks. We are mindful of the need to keep your data secured on our dedicated servers at all times, all our servers are therefore placed in different, highly secured locations.