Innovative Vehicle Tracking Fleet Management Solution
Task and Time Management Mobile Applications

Precise Tracking and Optimized Fleet Management

Vehicle Tracking Precision

Easytrack utilizes a GPS tracking device that allows your company to monitor with precision your fleet at all times.

Remotely cut off from your mobile phone the engine of your vehicle to secure it at all times.

Equip your vehicles with professional surveillance cameras and check footages when needed to keep your drivers and products safe.


Automated Fleet Management

Easytrack is powered by Artificial Intelligence combined with machine learning technology to optimize fleet management of your logistics.

The solution plans optimal routing for vehicles and select the auto-dispatch function to boost inmarket deliveries and enhance your products distribution while ensuring customers' satisfaction is met.

Set maintenance reminders to proceed with vehicles maintenance on time to minimize the risk of unexpected vehicle breakdowns.

Vehicle Tracking and Fleet Management

Efficient Task and Time Management

Enhanced Task Management

Missions solution, allows your company to eliminate counterproductive work and meet deadlines, to improve productivity.

Manage tasks from your mobile phone, monitoring live missions status to improve time spent of your team on tasks.

Facilitate workflow through better communication and collaboration among teams, infield or at the office, to accomplish tasks and increase customers satisfaction.


Effective Time Management

Time Attendance solution, is a simple yet cost-effective tech tool to manage working hours of your team from your mobile phone.

The application helps to improve the payroll process of your company by gathering and storing data.

Efficiently manage vacation requests, attendances, and keep track of out-of-office employee shift, to increase productivity.

Time Attendance

Solutions for your Business

Who We Are

We are a software development company that provides engineered solutions and devices, helping our clients to adapt their business needs with latest digital technologies.

Founded in 1993, in Beirut, Lebanon, we have been an innovative and reliable partner for multinational companies, SME's and private customers.

Recognized as one of the major software company specialist in vehicle tracking, fleet management, task and time management.

Operating compliantly under GDPR regulations with our partners in 5 countries, with 400 satisfied customers and 5,000 operational hardware devices.
What We Offer

We offer a shared understanding of project objectives and business requirements transformed into a reliable technological solution.

We handle all the process from the initial vision of the project architecture, to the solution development, implementation & data hosting.

Our portfolio includes 15 tech solutions to select from and answer various business needs. We propose innovative and advanced key solutions in vehicle tracking, fleet management, task and time management.

Awards & Recognition

EasySoft Awards

Easytrack, our Fleet Management and Vehicle Tracking solution, was launched in 2017 and won the ‘Most Innovative Mobile Application’ award from the Lebanese Computer Association.

Since then, we constantly update the solution each year to accommodate new features such as task management, optimized routing, and auto-dispatch.
Easytrack is also kept up-to-date with the latest Artificial Intelligence and machine learning technologies.

In 2022, Easytrack is as competitive and advanced, as any world wide GPS tracking solution.

Easysoft is awarded and recognized for providing tailor made, innovative technologies to our clients.

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