Driving Coach Solution

Driving Coach solution, a personal coach for safer driving behavior, giving users, vehicle maintenance reminders notifications, a driving score card for each ride or by total.

The artificial intelligence algorithms used in our solution, is optimized to run in-App background, capture Data and location only when driving. The solution is capable of gathering information about a driver behavior and assessing how safe it is and give score cards accordingly.

  1. Top speed during trip
  2. Harsh/safe cornering
  3. Harsh/safe acceleration
  4. Harsh/safe braking

It is also possible to replay route of trips on map and visualize the areas of driving violations to improve or correct driving behavior.

Downloading the application allows, to record Data (via GPS, WiFi, or cellular triangulation) and upload all the data to a secured server, to generate activity reports.


Insurance companies, can offer their customers new ways of selecting, paying their policies.
With Driving Coach solution and the Artificial Intelligence capabilities of data analysis, automatically attribute score card to customers, review cots of customers policies accordingly and reward good driving behavior.

Driving Schools

Driving schools, can use our solution to improve coaching of students with track records replay "classes", after each session to notice areas of improvements of students driving skills.

Powerful Features

User-friendly interface
driving coach mobile app

 With a touch of a button, our solution offers easy, reliable, live data capture from mobile devices.

Field users benefits
Automatic data recording and upload while driving
Select manually coach level of safety
Simple to use, AI allows the app to record analyze and share data automatically
Easy to check cars maintenance status
Improve driving with possibility to replay track record

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