Census Solution

Census by easysoft, will provide you with real time Data gathered by your team, from your customers outlets along with data analysis supporting tools. Census is customizable, select your company colors, logos and add it to the solution.

Our Census offers to companies a survey tech tool using only mobile devices of team members. It can also be integrated to our Direct Marketing Sales Support (DMSS) solution, to cross-match locations with data, empowering management in each decision taken. Gather then analyze Data from each outlet to increase distribution and product availability.

Downloading the application allows, to record Data (via GPS, WiFi, or cellular triangulation) and upload all the data to a secured server, to generate activity reports.

An easy and cost effective solution to download and use on any smart mobile phone or computer, in just a few minutes.

Field user benefits
Simple to use
Easy to gather Data with preloaded customizable compliant questionnaire
Once entered, Data is automatically updated on server
Gather Data from each outlet visited using the App on team smart devices

Office user benefits
Automatically updated data
Easy to filter data, use filters to read data received from outlets
Share reports with Management, Sales, Marketing and other departments
Access data from office PC
Filter data
Share data
Analyze data

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