Watch Tracking

A solution developed by easysoft, that offers a simple and cost effective way to track individuals using a smartwatch.

Our Personal tracking application, offers to security companies latest tracking tool for VIPs, using only a smart watch device.

It can also be integrated to easytrack vehicle tracking solution, to gain live location of individuals watch and their vehicles, cross-matching locations data.


Ideal during pandemic to keep track on infected patients in quarantine. From arrival at airport or tested positive at a clinic, a watch is given to each individual to keep track, monitor patient and receive alerts in case of breach of house quarantine.

Private customers can monitor family members location, by tracking their watch at any time, while being at work, out of home or abroad on a trip.

Downloading the application allows, to record locations (via GPS, WiFi, or cellular triangulation) and upload data to a secured server, to generate activity reports.

Tracker user benefits
Easy to download from iOS & Android
Works on any smart device connected to the internet
View route & stops at clients
View total travelled distance
For privacy concerns, create sub-users to track only assigned watches during a specific period
Add POI (Points of Interest) location, on map for accurate reports
Generate daily/weekly/monthly history reports

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